Xfinity Mobile Phone Finder Helps Customers Find Their Lost Mobile Phone Using The X1 Voice Remote

Can’t find your phone in your home? If you’re an Xfinity Mobile customer, you’re in luck. Just say, “Xfinity Mobile, find my phone,” into the X1 Voice Remote, and as long as your phone is not in silent mode, it will ring from wherever it’s at in your home.

If a customer has multiple lines, they can refer to the phone by name, like “Xfinity Mobile, find Sam’s phone,” since every new Xfinity Mobile customer personalizes their phone number during the purchase process. The phone number is then called and a pre-recorded audio message from “Xfinity Mobile” informs the user why they’re receiving a phone call. Customers can also search by saying their 10-digit phone number into the X1 Voice Remote.

“At one point or another, everyone has lost their mobile phone in their home,” said Amaya Capellan, Senior Director, Product Management and Customer Experience, Xfinity Mobile. “With Phone Finder we’ve made it easy to find it. There’s no set up required – you just ask Xfinity Mobile to find your phone using the X1 Voice Remote, and the phone rings. It’s simple and convenient – that’s what differentiates Xfinity Mobile, and we’ll continue to innovate and find ways to make our Xfinity services work better together.”

Can’t find your remote? Try the couch cushions.

Watch how Phone Finder works here

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