SunFest Fans Can Recharge With Xfinity Mobile

A large sun umbrella displaying the Xfinity logo.

The always popular SunFest Music Festival kicks off this year in West Palm Beach and music lovers will undoubtedly be bringing their devices along to capture the music, the sunshine, post to social media and just stay connected.   Once again during this year’s SunFest, Comcast is offering concert goers FREE Xfinity Mobile charging stations to make sure their devices are ready to go.

Fans can stop by the convenient charging locations courtesy of Xfinity Mobile.  The charging stations will be located by the main gate at Datura Street and also near the JetBlue stage across from Trinity Place.  The Xfinity Mobile charging stations will also be pointed out on the festival map given to attendees when they enter the SunFest gate.

Stop by while charging your phone and find out how Xfinity Mobile can save you money on your wireless bill.

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