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Comcast Expanding Advanced, State-of-the-Art Network to Crescent City

Expansion will make Comcast’s high-speed Internet services available locally for the first time

March 2, 2022 — Comcast today announced the multi-million-dollar expansion of its network to Crescent City, which brings the company’s full line-up of high-speed Xfinity Internet services to local customers for the first time. This project is a part of Comcast’s work to bridge the digital divide by bringing broadband Internet service to new and underserved areas.

Comcast Xfinity Internet services will now be available in Crescent City with speeds ranging from 50 Mbps all the way up to 3 Gbps for residential customers and speeds up to 1 Gbps for businesses. Local customers will have access to Xfinity’s unique features that give them complete control over their in-home WiFi networks, including:

  • WiFi ControlsXfinity xFi’s digital dashboard gives customers total control over their in-home wireless networks with the ability to monitor what devices are connected, set parental controls, pause WiFi access and more.
  • Advanced Cybersecurity Protection – Customers can use xFi Advanced Security to protect devices connected to their gateway from malware and other threats.
  • xFi PodsxFi Pods are WiFi extenders that can ensure WiFi coverage is available all across the home, eliminating dead zones.
  • Streaming – Xfinity Internet customers can use Xfinity Flex, a 4K streaming device, to stream movies, videos and more from the Xfinity Stream app, Peacock Premium and other popular streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

Internet Essentials, Comcast’s signature digital equity initiative and the nation’s largest and most comprehensive broadband adoption program, will be offered locally as well. Internet Essentials provides in-home internet access for $9.95 for qualified households, plus multiple options to access online digital literacy and skills training. Qualified households may be eligible to have the cost of their monthly home Internet service paid for through the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Affordability Connectivity Program (ACP). For more information on Internet Essentials and the ACP, visit www.internetessentials.com or call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376).

“Communities without Internet access are at an extreme disadvantage, so we must continue the push to ensure all Floridians are connected,” said State Senator Keith Perry. “Comcast’s significant investments and network expansions to Crescent City and other parts of Florida will be beneficial to residents and businesses immediately as well as set the stage for potential economic growth and development.”

“Comcast’s Internet and other services are eagerly welcomed additions in Crescent City,” said Florida State Representative Bobby Payne. “Broadband access and the vast resources and benefits of the Internet are paramount to the future of all our Florida communities.”

“The availability of additional choices for high-speed internet service will have a positive impact on Crescent City’s potential for future economic growth,” said City Manager Charles Rudd. “Comcast’s other services like cable television and mobile phone service will give our community more ways to stay entertained and get in touch with family and friends. Comcast’s network expansion is wonderful news for Crescent City.”

“As magnified by the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent shift to online learning and work, Internet access is a necessity in today’s increasingly digital world. You need to get online to search for employment and apply for jobs, to read critical news and information or even access telehealth applications,” said Javier Garcia, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Comcast in Florida. “Comcast is committed to helping bridge the digital divide and connecting more communities to the Internet and its vast resources.”

Last month, Comcast extended its network to three other Florida cities – Lake Butler in Union County, Monticello in Jefferson County and Waldo in Alachua County.

In addition, the network expansion is bringing Comcast’s line-up of other services, including mobile phone and cable television, to the area. Xfinity’s newest service, Xfinity Mobile, will be available in Crescent City for customers who subscribe to Xfinity Internet service. When Xfinity Mobile customers use their phones at home or in range of a Xfinity WiFi hotspot, they don’t have to use cellular data. When WiFi is not available, they’ll be automatically connected to the fastest, most reliable network with 5G included at no extra cost. They have a variety of options to purchase data, starting with one gig per month all the way up to unlimited data.

Local customers will also have the option to subscribe to Comcast’s Xfinity X1 service. X1 allows users to curate their own unique entertainment experiences. They can enjoy live television, DVR and On Demand content and streaming apps all in one place and quickly find what they want to watch using the X1 Voice Remote.

Finally, Xfinity Voice, Comcast’s digital home phone service, will be available in Crescent City with features including:

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Customizable international calling options
  • Access to the Xfinity Connect app for unlimited nationwide talk and text on any WiFi-connected device
  • Advanced features like Readable Voicemail and Caller ID on the TV

For more information on Comcast’s products and services, visit www.xfinity.com or call 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489).

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