Small Business Goes Mobile

March 8, 2022 — Right now, small business owners in Florida are facing challenges on just about every front. Supply chain disruptions are making it difficult to get items they need to run their businesses – and in many cases, the prices of those items are rising. They are dealing with employee turnover as a part of the “Great Resignation.” And as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, many companies are trying to balance health and safety concerns and managing employees both in offices and working remotely.

Technology has been a lifeline for many small business owners since the coronavirus pandemic began. The Internet allows companies to continue to operate and for employees to stay connected, even if everyone is working in different places. E-commerce platforms make it possible for businesses to have a digital presence for their customers – and continue to generate sales and revenue – even if their shop doors are physically closed.

Comcast’s new mobile phone service for business customers can also help small business owners across Florida manage their day-to-day operations and potentially save them money as well. Available to Comcast Business Internet customers, Comcast Business Mobile is a reliable and convenient way for small businesses to stay connected.

When Comcast Business Mobile customers use their phones on their business WiFi networks or in the range of a Xfinity WiFi hotspot, they don’t have to use cellular data, so they can potentially save on data charges. When WiFi is not available, they are automatically connected to the fastest, most reliable network with 5G included at no extra cost.

Small business owners can purchase lines for just themselves or include additional lines for employees. They have a variety of options to purchase data, starting with one gig per month all the way up to unlimited data and the ability to easily change to a different option as business needs change.

Comcast is also offering small business owners the opportunity to save almost $500 a year when they combine the new mobile phone service with existing services. Comcast Business customers who subscribe to specific packages that include at least two services, such as Business Internet, Phone or TV, and add a Comcast Business Mobile line within 90 days of service installation will receive a $40 a month discount on their bill for a year – $480 total.

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