Unlocking Global Expansion: Comcast Business Hosts In-Depth Discussion on International Connectivity

As the largest provider of connectivity in the United States, Comcast Business is committed to providing the best technology solutions to support various industries in South Florida and around the world. Comcast Business recently sponsored Global Connectivity: From Hubs to Headquarters in Brickell with the South Florida Business Journal at the AC Hotel Miami.

Led by moderator U. Desmond Alufohai, protocol & international affairs director for the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, the panel of esteemed business leaders from logistics to venture capital and autonomous robotics discussed the risks and rewards of unlocking new markets. The panel included:

With a focus on embracing global expansion, McCuen explained how the innovative telecommunications solutions provider serves thousands of customers in more than 100 countries and how the company is harnessing new technologies to continue building and strengthening its network.

“The emergence of AI and the Metaverse is making this a wildly exciting time in technology,” McCuen said. “As we look to continue expanding internationally, leveraging AI operations is without question a force multiplier. With the Metaverse, we’re capable of creating a virtual universe and delivering experiences across the globe.”

Comcast Business is also acutely aware of the potential risks associated with global expansion, and the company’s innovative approach involves safeguarding against cyber threats and attacks. With a protection expansion, customers now benefit from round-the-clock security measures.

Goldfarb from Interport Logistics shed light on the pressing cybersecurity challenges the shipping industry faces, specifically concerning shipments at sea. Given the high volume of shipments involved in international trade, the logistics company implements meticulous measures to protect its network. Goldfarb pointed out that the risk factor lies in the data exchange between partners and to mitigate this risk, Interport Logistics conducts thorough risk assessments of its partners. The company prioritizes the protection of its own networks by certifying the networks in today’s digital landscape.

Paramar shared valuable insights on how Fortuna Investment maximized efficiencies and momentum during recent global events. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the venture capital firm swiftly adapted by bringing everyone back to the office, resulting in substantial time and cost savings from reduced travel. Embracing new workplace technologies optimized its operations and led to surpassing competitors in performance, attaining remarkable momentum in its endeavors.

Tarin highlighted Kiwibot’s strategic operational comprehension and proactive problem-solving. For the autonomous robot manufacturer, it’s imperative to preempt future cybersecurity attacks by meticulously analyzing potential breach scenarios internally, and even collaborating with third parties to ensure the highest level of security. Kiwibot’s commitment to safeguarding its own information and that of its clients underscores its dedication to data protection. With a primary focus on delivery costs and expanding into new markets, Kiwibot navigates the intricacies of different countries and markets.

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