Get To Know Your Customer Day: Making Stronger Connections with Comcast Business

January 18 marks an important day for businesses across the country — Get To Know Your Customer Day. It’s a day dedicated to understanding the needs and preferences of your clientele, and in our increasingly digital world, connectivity plays a pivotal role in this understanding.

Seamless connectivity is key to enhancing the experiences of business owners, employees and customers alike. For businesses to thrive, maintaining consistent and reliable communication is essential. This is where bundling technology and connectivity services, like Comcast Business Internet and Comcast Business Mobile, becomes a game-changer. By integrating these services, businesses can streamline their operations, ensuring they are always connected, responsive and ahead of the curve.

“Today and every day, our goal is to empower businesses to connect more meaningfully with their customers,” said Katie Klein, Comcast Business VP of Marketing. “By offering robust, integrated solutions, we’re helping them stay ahead in a digital-first world.”

Staff stand in front of vans holding awards.

Investing in such integrated solutions is not just about meeting current business needs — it’s also about future-proofing your business. As we delve deeper into the digital age, staying connected will become even more crucial. Customers like A1 Carpet Care and Southern Hardware, have already taken this step, reaping the benefits of Comcast Business’s integrated solutions.

“With Comcast Business Mobile, we’ve seen faster service, significant cost savings and superior customer service. It’s integral to how our clients connect with us,” said Angela Udy, owner of A1 Carpet Care.

Similarly, Jamie Souter, owner of Southern Hardware, notes, “The cost savings have been fantastic. We’ve been able to provide phones for all our employees, an extra perk that’s made a big difference.”

Storefront of Southern Hardware

“The reliability of our services enables our customers to focus on their own clients,” said Dan Dean, Comcast Business Account Executive. “I take great pride in making sure that our customers receive the service and support they need to grow their businesses and thrive.”

For businesses looking to strengthen customer relationships and streamline operations, embracing the right technology and connectivity solutions is the way forward. This Get To Know Your Customer Day, let Comcast Business be your partner in building those vital connections. Learn more about solutions available to you at

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