Comcast’s Xfinity 10G Network Delivering Fast, Reliable and Secure Connectivity to Amelia Island

Right now, on Amelia Island in Nassau County in Northeast Florida, residents, business owners and visitors can take advantage of Comcast’s next-generation Internet network.

That means they can connect to a high-speed and secure Internet experience for everything from streaming their favorite movies, shows, and live sporting events, to hosting video conference calls without fear of the lag or interruptions experienced on wireless networks, to managing inventory and accounting for business operations – all while knowing their Internet service helps protect their devices from cyber-attacks.

Comcast’s Internet experience in Amelia Island and across the country is powered by the Xfinity 10G Network, which delivers a powerful connection to customers that will continue to get smarter, faster, and more reliable and secure. And, the Xfinity 10G Network is ever evolving, delivering an exceptional connectivity experience today and for years to come, even as online capabilities and expectations evolve. By adding the Xfinity 10G Network to new areas, Comcast continues to accelerate the nation’s largest and fastest multi-gig deployment, giving customers access to multi-gig speeds over existing infrastructure without having to tear up yards.

“For Amelia Island, our powerful Xfinity 10G Network not only offers consistent speeds and greater reliability but access to our portfolio of services to connect families and businesses across the island,” said Jeff Buzzelli, Comcast’s Senior Vice President of the Florida Region. “Our fiber-rich network throughout Amelia Island and our continued investment in innovation and state-of-the-art technology ensures our customers receive the best there is to offer.”

Businesses on Amelia Island also have access to a full suite of Comcast Business Internet, voice, and video services.

“Having fast, reliable, and secure Internet is critical for success in today’s digital marketplace,” said Rich Rollins, Vice President of Comcast Business for the Florida Region. “With miles of fiber-rich network located throughout Amelia Island, we’re already plugged into the community and are working to help develop and grow the local economy for future generations of business owners.”

In addition, residential customers and small businesses on Amelia Island have access to Xfinity Mobile and Comcast Business Mobile. With millions of lines added since its launch in 2017, Xfinity Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile providers in the country. Rated the fastest mobile service with 5G cellular and millions of WiFi hotspots throughout Comcast’s extensive WiFi footprint*, Xfinity Mobile delivers a great wireless experience for less money. Xfinity Mobile offers unparalleled convenience by offering customers unlimited or by the gig options, and customers can always change their plans even in the middle of their billing cycle. And with mobile plans starting for as little as $15 a month, customers can save hundreds every year.

Comcast’s network and Internet experience are powering homes and businesses today and into the future:

  • Ultimate Capacity: Xfinity customers connect more than 1 billion devices across the company’s network annually. The Xfinity 10G Network with the next-generation Xfinity gateways delivers the most advanced WiFi technology carrying three times more bandwidth to power streaming, gaming, videoconferencing and more, simultaneously.
  • Fastest Internet: More than a third of Xfinity Internet customers subscribe to gigabit speed products. Recently, Comcast connected the first customers in the world to a DOCSIS 4.0 connection, delivering symmetrical gig speeds over existing connections in customers’ homes with plans to continue to rollout these speeds across the country over the coming years.
  • Unprecedented Coverage: The latest Xfinity Gateway provides a more reliable connection throughout the home. Customers can get WiFi coverage with a powerful Xfinity WiFi Boost Pod that extends coverage to hard-to-reach areas, with plans for an offering of increased support for in-home WiFi through a “boost guarantee” this year.
  • Most Reliable Connection: Comcast is scaling the nation’s largest and most reliable network – the Xfinity 10G Network. The company recently launched Storm-Ready WiFi, a new device that comes equipped with cellular and battery backup to help keep customers connected even when the power goes out.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: The Xfinity 10G Network and the latest Xfinity Gateway are a powerful combination that deliver ultra-low latency for those moments when response times matter most like video games, a fast-growing category with Xfinity households averaging more than one gaming console per home.

Locally, customers can visit the Xfinity Store in Fernandina Beach to experience the latest Xfinity products and services firsthand, get answers to account-related questions, pay bills, and more. They can even book an appointment online for some services at the store for the ultimate convenience. The store is located at 1465 Sadler Road in Fernandina Beach and is open seven days a week. Store hours are Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

For more information on the Xfinity 10G Network and all Comcast’s products and services, visit or call 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489).

*Based on consumer testing of mobile WiFi and cellular data performance from Ookla® Speedtest Intelligence® data in Q4 ’22 for Comcast service areas, verified by Ookla for Comcast’s analysis.

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