Florida Xfinity Customers Now Have Faster Internet Speeds

Comcast Boosts Speeds for Millions of Xfinity Internet Customers

Connect, Connect More, Fast and Prepaid Customers Get Faster Speeds at No Additional Cost

Introduces More Connectivity Options for ACP Participants

March 6, 2024 – Today, millions of Xfinity Internet customers are waking up to faster speeds at no additional cost. As the need for data increases in ever-connected households, Xfinity is ensuring customers can stream, surf, and share on a network and service they can rely on today and in the future. For Florida, this means roughly 46% of customers will begin enjoying faster speeds – in some cases twice as fast.

“We’re excited to boost speeds for Xfinity customers across the Florida region. It’s our way of keeping them connected to what matters most,” said Jeff Buzzelli, Florida Region Senior Vice President. “We invest in our network continuously over the long term to deliver faster Internet speeds, support the growing number of connected devices in how and where we work and go to school.”

Starting today, new and existing customers can take advantage of the following speed increases:

  • Connect: From 75 Mbps to now 150 Mbps
  • Connect More: From 200 Mbps to now 300 Mbps
  • Fast: From 400 Mbps to now 500 Mbps
  • Xfinity Prepaid: From 50 Mbps to now 200 Mbps
Comcast  Infographic if the 2024 Xfinity Internet Speed Increases.

Faster Speeds, Cybersecurity Protection and Incredible WiFi

Today’s speed increases help to ensure that Xfinity has customers covered now and into the future. They are made possible by Comcast’s fiber-based network which has been built to deliver an exceptional Internet experience, ubiquitously, to the more than 60 million homes and businesses across the country. It is a culmination of years of research, technological breakthroughs, and massive investments, more than $20 billion since 2018 alone, in development and infrastructure. 

Xfinity Storm-Ready WiFi connectivity equipment.

Fast speed is an important feature of a comprehensive connectivity experience that also combines this powerful network with sophisticated hardware and software to deliver incredible benefits to consumers:

  • 99.99% Reliability – Fast Internet speeds won’t matter if you don’t have a reliable broadband connection. Xfinity has 99.99 percent reliability, and the Xfinity network utilizes artificial intelligence to keep customers connected by fixing issues before they even affect homes.
  • Cybersecurity – xFi Advanced Security, included for free for customers who lease an Xfinity gateway, protects connected devices from malware and other threats at the gateway before they reach connected household devices. Since launching xFi Advanced Security, Xfinity has stopped more than 10 billion cyber security threats.
  • Next-Level WiFi – Next-generation Xfinity gateways deliver advanced WiFi capacity to power hundreds of devices in homes and more than a billion devices each year across Comcast’s network.
    • Later this year, Comcast will introduce its latest gateway, the XB10, the first to incorporate unified DOCSIS 4.0, WiFi 7, and AI technologies. The XB10 will be capable of delivering symmetrical multi-gig speeds over WiFi and connect up to 300 devices.
    • WiFi Boost Pods work with Xfinity gateways to extend WiFi coverage to hard-to-reach areas of the home. The latest WiFi extender, Storm-Ready WiFi, is Xfinity’s most powerful device to date and helps maintain a strong connection even if the power goes out. Visit an Xfinity store or visit Xfinity.com to learn more about Storm-Ready WiFi.

Keeping Customers Connected

The federal government recently announced that the Affordable Connectivity Program could end as early as April if it does not receive additional funding. The speed increases rolling out today will help to ensure those who may be affected by the end of ACP will continue to have access to fast, affordable, reliable Internet options.

Family who are Internet Essentials customers for low-cost internet connectivity.
  • Xfinity Promotional Offers – ACP participants who are existing Xfinity customers or new to Xfinity can take advantage of current promotional offers. Customers are encouraged to call 1-800-Xfinity to learn more about what offers may be available in their area. Teams are ready to work with customers to move them to a plan that fits their budget and connectivity needs if they will no longer be able to afford their current tier of service without the $30 ACP benefit.
  • Internet Essentials – Xfinity customers benefitting from ACP are automatically eligible to enroll in Internet Essentials for as low as $9.95 a month or Internet Essentials Plus, which doubles the speed of traditional Internet Essentials for $29.95 per month. Both services provide fast and reliable home Internet with no credit checks or cancellation fees and come with equipment included.

To learn more about Xfinity’s Internet and connectivity solutions for customers, click here.

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