Tech Leader Surprises Miami-Dade Small Business Owners with “Game-Changing” Laptops

Men and women pose for a picture with laptops in hand.

A group of Miami entrepreneurs can now take their businesses to the next level thanks to tech leader’s surprise laptop donation.

Comcast recently partnered with Branches, Inc. to offer some support to members of the organization’s Micro-Business Program. The technology leader presented more than 40 participants with much-needed laptops so they can help grow their dream businesses.

Brent McLaughlin, Branches President and CEO, attended the surprise. He called the technology a game changer that will help the entrepreneurs put their ideas into action.

“This is the first step toward digital transformation and increased opportunity for their business,” said McLaughlin. “The entrepreneurs at Branches, Inc. were thrilled to receive a donation from Comcast. This support coincides with a year of digital transformation workshops that are provided to the participants. Together we are seeing significant growth and capacity building for many of the businesses.”

People posing for a picture
Comcast External Affairs Director Marta Casas-Celaya joins Branches CEO Brent McLaughlin and Micro-Business Program’s members for a photo on March 27.

In less than a year, the program has grown to 220 participants and is expected to surpass 300 alumni by the end of 2024.  

The Micro-Business Program and Incubator is designed to support Miami-Dade’s micro and small business entrepreneurs with the guidance, resources and tools needed to bring their businesses to life. Through classes and workshops, the program focuses on five key areas:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business intelligence
  • Digital transformation
  • Business systems
  • Business development

One-on-one business and personal financial coaching are also available for members, along with skills-based training, networking activities, mentoring, and micro-grant sourcing.

People sitting down at a training session
Micro-Business Program participants attend a skills-based training sessions at the organization’s Lakeview campus in North Dade. 

Branches Inc. is a non-profit organization with programs that aim to create opportunities for children, youth, families, and whole communities in the areas of financial wellness and educational success. The comprehensive Micro-Business Program from Branches, Inc. is available to eligible participants at no cost. Through a grant, Comcast supported Branches’ community work in 2023.

To date, Comcast has contributed over $36 million in cash and in-kind donations to non-profits, community events, sponsorships, and other initiatives in Miami-Dade County.

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