Meet the Woman in the Driver’s Seat of a Growing Jacksonville Trucking Business

Lifting Up Small Businesses, T & N Xpress, Jacksonville, FL

“I never dreamt of opening my own business. I always thought I would be in corporate America…never the CEO of my own company!”

Nichole Mobley found success beyond her wildest dreams. She is now CEO of T&N Xpress, a trucking and logistics company based in Jacksonville, Florida. The company specializes in helping their clients navigate invoicing and make timely deliveries.

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Mobley learned about trucking from her father, who worked in the industry when she was young. He taught her the basics and she ended up developing those childhood memories into a successful business.

Mobley started her company because she wanted to bring a diverse perspective, talent and skill to the trucking industry. She also loves being an advocate for other women to consider careers traditionally dominated by men. Her motto is: “If you can see her, you can be her.”

Nichole attends Comcast RISE event
Rich Rollins, Vice President of Business Services at Comcast Florida greets Nichole Mobley. (Jeffrey Swinger/Comcast via AP Images)

Mobley applied for Comcast RISE in 2022, an interesting time in her industry. The COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of eyes on the global supply chain and transportation across the country. Because of that, jobs in trucking were becoming more visible and popular. “Comcast RISE impacted my business by giving me the visibility that I need here locally so people can actually reach out and touch me when they need transportation or logistics services provided,” said Mobley.

Through May 31, eligible businesses in Greater Jacksonville and surrounding areas can apply for a grant package at ComcastRISE.com. Recipients will be announced in August 2024.

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